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Yay! I had to come and track this down again. I've had it archived on my computer for a while and it's a favorite of mine. I'm working on an animated project at the moment, and this scene works very well for a moment of unusual sincerity and genuine emotion from the normally smooth-talkin' hero. :) To me, the song has a troubled emotion, but a determination to beat out sorrow.

Thank you for the lovely piece!

Troisnyx responds:

Glad you loved it <3 The emotion is spot-on, I'll admit.

The story I originally wrote this for involves a protagonist who can't be involved in physical combat, being a priest. He is accompanied by various young friends, and their story takes place in a fantastical England, where the land is overrun by demonic beings, ravaged and left to burn and waste. While he and his companions journey around England to find out the cause of it, his old friends, whom he had to leave behind for his mission, die one by one... Hence why I said the emotion is spot-on: can a person with a temperament of steel hold that temperament for too long?

I can't wait to see the animation this will be in. Be looking forward to it! x

Haha, this is a really fun piece! It starts off sounding like someone's running into this sea of grass at a dead-sprint, which sets an exciting and adventurous mood. I can see it being used for both exploratory and victory music, like you said. Nice work!

Troisnyx responds:

Thanks! ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed this thing.

Oh, wow, this is a very pretty piece. It has a lot going on and carries a lot of emotion, which makes it an excellent cinematic piece indeed. No wonder you've been working commercially, haha.

Since the piece isn't authorized for commercial use, does that mean you'd like to keep this here as a sample of your work, but you'd prefer no one uses it in their animations on NG? :) Not that NG animations are usually commercial, but I'm curious.

In any case, this is the first song I've heard from you and it's lovely. I'll have to listen to some more!

Setu-Firestorm responds:

I made that statement about it not being authorized for commercial use because it's a thematic sketch that I will be using in an upcoming animated series I'm going to be launching next year.

Thank you for the kind words. =)

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