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Yay! I had to come and track this down again. I've had it archived on my computer for a while and it's a favorite of mine. I'm working on an animated project at the moment, and this scene works very well for a moment of unusual sincerity and genuine emotion from the normally smooth-talkin' hero. :) To me, the song has a troubled emotion, but a determination to beat out sorrow.

Thank you for the lovely piece!

Troisnyx responds:

Glad you loved it <3 The emotion is spot-on, I'll admit.

The story I originally wrote this for involves a protagonist who can't be involved in physical combat, being a priest. He is accompanied by various young friends, and their story takes place in a fantastical England, where the land is overrun by demonic beings, ravaged and left to burn and waste. While he and his companions journey around England to find out the cause of it, his old friends, whom he had to leave behind for his mission, die one by one... Hence why I said the emotion is spot-on: can a person with a temperament of steel hold that temperament for too long?

I can't wait to see the animation this will be in. Be looking forward to it! x

Haha, this is a really fun piece! It starts off sounding like someone's running into this sea of grass at a dead-sprint, which sets an exciting and adventurous mood. I can see it being used for both exploratory and victory music, like you said. Nice work!

Troisnyx responds:

Thanks! ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed this thing.

Oh, wow, this is a very pretty piece. It has a lot going on and carries a lot of emotion, which makes it an excellent cinematic piece indeed. No wonder you've been working commercially, haha.

Since the piece isn't authorized for commercial use, does that mean you'd like to keep this here as a sample of your work, but you'd prefer no one uses it in their animations on NG? :) Not that NG animations are usually commercial, but I'm curious.

In any case, this is the first song I've heard from you and it's lovely. I'll have to listen to some more!

Setu-Firestorm responds:

I made that statement about it not being authorized for commercial use because it's a thematic sketch that I will be using in an upcoming animated series I'm going to be launching next year.

Thank you for the kind words. =)

I'm so sorry you didn't get to finish this in time for the competition! This is a beautiful piece, as always. (1:46), when the piano is introduced, has such a sweetness building to it... and (2:00 - 2:14) is just beautiful and engaging. (2:20) has a strong sweeping energy that I've really come to associate with your music, haha. This is just lovely, and there are a lot of things going on in the instrumental that keep me listening in an active way.

Bosa responds:

Thank you! Although it was rushed, it was quite a pleasure to create.

(0:29) and forward was just amazing and alarming. xD The situation just got SERIOUS! PlayfulChris mentioned the playfulness of bells, and agree the playful element there adds a lot of the creepy build-up. Then, moments later, the horror really hits. This piece is a lot of fun. Great work, Bosa!

Bosa responds:

Thank you, madame! I appreciate your attention to the detail!

Very enchanting, Hania! I love how the lyrics in this piece are gibberish words you developed for sound, and do this a capella really lets your voice shine. This was the first thing I heard of yours, and I'm looking forward to hearing more!

This is very nice, Hania. :) I've just encountered your music today and I didn't realize you do instrumental score as well as those lovely vocals! I'll definitely have to keep digging through your audio submissions for lovely listens.

2:33 - 2:39 and onward is a really great escalation of the drama in this piece. It's like an additional determination that drives the song forward. Nice work, Hania~

Oh, wow, Bosa and Hania performing in the same piece. Definitely a pleasant song to stumble onto! I've been a fan of Bosa for a while since Winter at the Castle and Princess Marion, and I'm a new fan of Hania's vocals. :)

I wish I knew more about music so I could describe why this is such an engaging piece. There's a strong emotion behind it from Hania's vocal performance - you can be emotionally invested without having a translation of the song. And of course, as always, Bosa has such a sweeping musical style that it draws you in right away.

This is just lovely. Great work on this, you two. I would be more than happy to find another collab between you two!

Bosa responds:

There will be another coming soon!

Augh, this is adorable... I think your "whimsical/cute/cheery" songs really appeal to me. You do very good work crafting them to sound quirky and sweet. This one sounds a bit curious, too.

This is another big favorite of mine out of the NATA group. :)

deadlyfishes responds:

Thanks for all your reviews! Feel free to contact me if you need music for anything, and I mean anything! There's a lot more music on my website and my YouTube account! I'm sure you would enjoy hearing more samples on my website here: matthewpablo com

Oh wow, this one is so cute. I think it's my favorite so far, and I've been listening to a whole pile of your NATA songs today, haha.

I think the ticking clock sound adds a lot of personality to this piece. Aside from that, the composition itself is just really sweet. Very nice work here!

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